Saturday, January 9, 2010

Riau Arlines halts flights to Jakarta

RAL launched its Pekanbaru-Jakarta route in December 2008 when Samudra Sukardi, a brother of former state enterprises minister Laksamana Sukardi, was its president director.
Riau Airlines (RAL), one of regional players in the country’s aviation industry, has terminated its Pekanbaru-Jakarta route, citing continual losses as a result of the tight competition.

For its future business, Teguh said RAL would focus on its commercial flight services in Sumatra. The company recently opened a new route to Jambi and will fly to Palembang in the near future.

RAL fleet now comprises two RJ-100 and five Fokker-50 planes.

Teguh said the company might resume flights to Jakarta when it could buy big airplanes.



  1. I Hope At Bengkulu too..

  2. Wow...hope to success of indonesian airline...
    but do not buy the aircraft damaged or used, then more and more air accidents in Indonesia...
    Nice info...
    I hope that Indonesia may be more advanced