Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keep Government Assumption 5.5 Percent Economic Growth in Budget-P (APBN-P)

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said the government still will submit the assumption of 5.5 percent economic growth in budget revenue and spending changes (Budget-P) in 2010. Because the level of consumption in December and January and quite good, there is the threat of inflation expectations high enough to make consumer purchasing power, or will be disturbed.

"If we keep (assuming economic growth) 5.5%. Even if the 6% based on fourth quarter results, especially past a pretty optimistic," said Finance Minister as the Cabinet met after the Assembly in his office on Thursday (18 / 2).

Finance minister added, meaning that the growth components derived from external factors, exports and imports are not as bad as expected."Then the investment also increased, although still at a very low level of only 3% growth," he explained.

Because about that, in order to grow at rates above at least 6%, it will require an investment growth is possible at the range of 7% to 8%.

The government will also see the consolidation of the banking sector to determine the economic growth assumptions.


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